Why Become an Accredited Land Consultant?

Join the Elite: Become an Accredited Land Consultant

The RLI Pacific Northwest Chapter encourages all of its members to work towards the Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) Designation. ALCs aren’t just land sales professionals, they are the most prestigious, experienced, and highest performing land sales experts in the country. Achieving the ALC Designation is shows dedication to RLI, commitment to excellence, and drive to succeed.

Currently our chapter has over 50 esteemed members located across the PNW region. Over two-thirds of our chapter membership have earned the ALC Designation and are ready show other members how to reach their level of success. When one of our chapter members becomes an ALC, that individual joins the ranks of a unique group of real estate specialists who work together to build and share knowledge, develop trusted relationships, and expand business opportunities.

Having the ALC Designation gives brokers the knowledge they need to close deals and speak confidently with their clients. It also gives clients confidence in their broker as the most qualified expert to help them buy/sell their land.

What Our Accredited Land Consultants (ALCs) Say

“I continue to create productive business relationships with other REALTORS® Land Institute members across the state. The REALTORS® Land Institute courses have more than paid for themselves over time, and my website is getting more hits daily with my new ALC accreditation! Thanks REALTORS® Land Institute!”

Christina Asbury, ALCExit Homeplace Realty

“The education I have received as a member of the REALTORS® Land Institute is empowering.  It could take a person 10 to 15 years to learn what I have learned through this curriculum.”

Igor Peric, ALCCarolina Farms & Homes